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Soft materials and composites

Composites are very widely used to make components for aerospace, automotive, rail transport, and capital equipment applications. They are noted for their combination of low density and good mechanical properties.

These innovative materials of diverse composition come in complex shapes and structures, and require high-performance machining equipment that is very dynamic but also provides precise and repeatable axis positioning.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the construction and renovation of machines, MPM is capable of satisfying the performance expectations of the major players in this sector.

The latest-generation technologies integrated in our dynamic, high-speed electrospindle machines with five-axis head with torque motor, axles equipped with linear motors, and high-performance guiding system with measurement rules, are all solutions that improve production performance.

Our machines are especially designed to machine these materials, and incorporate mechanical component protection systems, casings and operator protection devices, as well as dust extraction systems.

Discover the machines and services we can offer you. Our technical and process teams are at your service to personalise our products according to your requirements.

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