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Powder compression presses

ADIAPRESS, designer and manufacturer of powder compacting presses

A process that is essential to the transformation of powder into very high-performance parts, adiabatic compression (or High-Speed Compression, HSC) is an innovative additive technology.

For metals and steels, stainless steels, and titanium, ADIAPRESS ® powder presses are at the core of the SCANPAC ® process developed by MPM around its range of gas atomised powders. After an initial pressing (with our ADIAPACT or HSC servo-driven presses) followed by a pre-sintering operation, ADIAPRESS ® restriking presses complete the densification of the material.
For polymers (particularly semi-crystalline ones), the adiabatic self-heating effect allows the particles to be sintered at the same time as they are compressed. The thermo-mechanical effects concerned also result in an increase in crystallinity, leading to higher Young’s Modulus values and better tribological properties.

ADIAPRESS ® uniaxial compression presses use tools operated via high-performance tool adapters providing many technical and economic advantages:

  • The right quantity of material is used,
  • 2D near-netshape parts,
  • Properties equal to or better than forged materials for metals, and much higher than the injected and sintered standards for polymers,
  • Productivity in the region of 6 to 10 parts per minute with single or multi-striking.

In addition to powder compression and restriking presses, ADIAPRESS ® offers the necessary peripherals:

  • Powder feed with filling box and upstream weighing system,
  • Bulk loading and presentation in the tool by a coupled robot and vision system,
  • Unloading system with set-down on platens for the subsequent operations: sintering, machining, inspection, etc.