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Designer and manufacturer of the Adiapress® brand of adiabatic presses and precision servo presses

Our press offer covers three applications, taking advantage of a common principle, "adiabatics", to:

  • Shearing (cutting) long products,
  • Cutting flat products,
  • Compressing powders to create dense parts. This is an ultra-high performance additive manufacturing technology.

The adiabatic principle consists of very locally softening the material being worked via a controlled high-speed, high-energy impact, which very locally heats the material.

In shearing and cutting, the impact delivered by the press, with specific tooling, generates an adiabatic shear band that propagates in the material until it creates a clean separation. This means without cracks, without burrs, and with little or no plastic deformation, and without lubricants.
For powder compression, the effect of high speed results in greater densification of the material, which gives it better green strength and better mechanical properties after sintering.

To implement this adiabatic principle, ADIAPRESS® designs and creates hydraulic presses capable of generating speeds of 15m/s and hammering frequency of 100 to 500 blows per minute according to the energy level.

ADIAPRESS® hammering units cover the following range of energy levels: 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 7000 and 18,000 Joules.
These energy levels, dissipated in a few milliseconds, generate very high forces via small machines compared to classic presses. This is an additional advantage.