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Aeronautical machine tools with MPM France

In addition to the traditional quality requirements, the current context of growth in the aeronautical sector requires its stakeholders to find appropriate solutions to the new challenges:

  • Increased rates of productivity, performance, etc.
  • Reduced consumption: weight reduction, new materials,
  • Globalisation: reduction of production costs.

MPM is an increasingly significant player in the supply of machine tools for the aeronautics sector. The associated turnover has been rising steadily since 2010, and now exceeds 30%.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the construction and renovation of machines, MPM is capable of satisfying the advanced technological and performance expectations of the major players in the aeronautics sector. Our qualified teams, our R&D work, our responsiveness and our experience allow us to provide the industrial responses required to support growth in this business sector

The latest-generation technologies integrated in our machine ranges allow us to offer you high-performance, innovative machining solutions, which are assets that manufacturers want to incorporate in their production workshops. Because they are organised around the materials you work with (composites, aluminium, Inconel, titanium), the MPM machine ranges and our dedicated machine solutions are suited to your needs and contribute to your overall production performance.
A few examples to demonstrate this:

  • The TNB ® range satisfies the 3-5 axis machining needs for medium and large parts made of composites,
  • Laser fluoridation and milling combined in the AEROCUT cell provide a productive solution for formed parts made of titanium or other hard materials, such as Inconel,
  • The cryo-machining integrated by MPM in your existing machines or as a new investment boosts the productivity of titanium parts and extracts value from the shavings,
  • A product of our innovation, the 3D through-cutting saw drastically reduces the material usage for structural aircraft parts made of aluminium,
  • Vertical lathes significantly improve productivity by incorporating very high pressure lubrication and an ultra-flexible robotic tool magazine.

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