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Machining centres

MPM offers machining centre reconstruction and improvement services.

Our expertise allows us to work on machining centres with different three-axis or five-axis architectures:

  • With or without integrated palettisation,
  • With standalone machining centre or machining centre built into a machining cell,
  • Axis B built into the head or offset on the table,
  • Table X built in or on independent bed,
  • Z axis on the ram or under the column, or on an offset bed.

Based on machines with solid and rigid structures, whether welded assemblies or made of cast iron, we provide solutions that perform better than the machine’s original ones, in particular by incorporating:

  • Better-performing guiding systems,
  • New lubrication systems,
  • Spindle renovations or replacements,
  • Installation of new machining heads or cutting accessories,
  • Incorporation of spindle centre high-pressure spray systems,
  • The setting up of high-performance and high-capacity tool magazines based on a solution adapted according to the number and size of your tools, as well as the installation location in your workshop and ergonomic factors,
  • and other features to improve your manufacturing productivity.

We can either work with one of your production machines, or find one for you. Either way, we optimise the delivery time of your new resource.