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Double-envelop worm gear sets

Double-envelop worm gear sets contain both a word gear with a concave tooth width, and a worm drive with a concave profile. This design maximizes efficiency and  create greater surface contact, higher load capacity, lower contact stress and greater shock capacity.

Double-enveloping worm gear technology is able to transmit large torques in a small volume : the unique design of our globoid worm gears distributes the contact between wheel and worm over several teeth. The wheel/tooth pressures are thereby reduced. This results in very long life and remarkable reliability.

Technical details

  • Horizontal or vertical gears,
  • Standard or special gears
  • Centre-to-centre distances from 250 to 1600mm
  • Torque from 28 to 3,300,000 N.m
  • Gear ratio from 16 to 60

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