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Geometric checks and corrections

Geometric checking of machine tools at Saint-Etienne

Following the installation or moving of your machine tools, or just periodically, we perform geometric checks according to the standards in force, and apply the necessary corrections.
Static checks:

  • Traditional geometric checks
  • Alignment checks
  • Check the perpendicularity and linearity of the axes.

Our equipment:

  • Rules, squares, and marble columns
  • Electronic levels made by EDA
  • Special plan overlay level made by WILLER
  • Quick-read level made by WILLER

Dynamic inspection:

  • Laser checks
  • Axis calibrations

Our equipment:

  • Ballbar system that checks the precision of the machine, improves machine capability and the quality of surface finish on parts.
  • Shaft and spindle alignment laser made by FIXTUR LASER
  • Straightness and square laser by FIXTUR LASER
  • PVSESAM axle signature