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Systems and peripherals

Modern mechanical production demands an ever-higher level of mechanisation and automation.

Industrial automation with MPM France

MPM satisfies this need by offering the peripherals that are useful with the machines we design and build, and also in the context of the reconstruction projects we conduct.

MPM has expertise both in-house and in its wider network to analyse flows and recommend the appropriate solutions, whether these be Cartesian systems or polyarticulated robots. The coupling of these systems with vision solutions is also part of the palette of our offer.
This expertise and these solutions can be applied in many cases of:

  • Loading and unloading of large panel cutting presses,
  • Unloading of powder compression presses (fragile green parts),
  • Loading and unloading of restriking presses according to complex procedures: bin-picking (vision), oiling, precise setting down, oil removal, loading on trays according to a datum,
  • Internal transfer system to a hybrid flow-forming/machining machine and conveyor system for loading and unloading,
  • Loading and unloading of parts on a machine tool that is independent or in a production cell,
  • Loading and unloading of parts on grinders in a production line,
  • Unloading of machine tools with automatic control, sorting, and stowing of parts on pallets.