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Tool magazine

Based on your machine tools, whether or not they have a magazine, MPM is able to offer you automatic tools storage, loading and unloading solutions to suit your new production needs:

  • increased tool storage capacity,
  • a single magazine for different types of tool attachment,
  • on-board magazine,
  • linear rack,
  • integration and tool management with electronic chips,
  • tool measurement,
  • management of twin tools,
  • tool consumable change stations in the magazine,
  • Etc.

We perform a feasibility study on your resources and then handle the design, supply and integration of a new magazine or the modification of an existing magazine.
We can offer you different automatic tool magazine types:

  • Disk or chain magazines with or without spindle loading manipulator. These simple magazines, with medium-sized storage capacity, are well suited to machines equipped with a horizontal or vertical spindle. They are however relatively limited in terms of upgrading, and are mainly dedicated to a single type of tool attachment.
  • Robotic magazines with high-capacity storage wall can be adapted to almost any type of machine with horizontal or vertical spindles, five-axis heads, or gantries. They are open-ended in terms of capacity, variety of tool attachments, loading/unloading position, etc.