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Our material solutions

The machining of hard materials such as Inconel and titanium requires difficult cutting conditions that generate high stresses on the components and the machine tools.

Steel is both the most common and the most varied of materials, and has always been able to satisfy the technical and economic demands of the automotive industries and the mechanical and capital equipment industries.

Aluminium alloys are valued for their corrosion resistance, malleability, and low density compared to steels, and are very widely used to make components in the aeronautical, automotive, railway, and capital equipment sectors.

Composites are very widely used to make components for aerospace, automotive, rail transport, and capital equipment applications. They are noted for their combination of low density and good mechanical properties.

The manufacture of parts from powdered materials is definitely the most economical way to proceed. In addition to the economic advantages of powders, they offer enormous technical possibilities.

Our industrial offer

  • Machines

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  • Presses

    Discover the adiabatic process used to shear, cut, and compress.

  • Systèmes & Périphériques

    At the heart of innovation, we implement a cutting-edge system for the most demanding sectors.


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