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MPM stands out in the market thanks to its expertise in the field of machine tools, its capacity for innovation, and its global product and service offering.
For nearly 20 years, the teams have built and consolidated MPM’s position as a benchmark for a very broad customer base, from SMEs to major international corporations in the major sectors such as aeronautics, land transportation with an emphasis on the automotive industry, and industries in general.

Thanks to our own product brands ADIAPRESS®, TNB®, CROZET FOURNEYRON®, CRYO7®, our international impact is increasing year after year. MPM’s machine design innovation (Eco Efficiency) and process innovation (adiabatic, cryo-machining, 3D sawing, etc.) brings value for our customers. It refreshes our product and service offer to guarantee growth and respond to the future manufacturing needs of our customers.

“Building excellence from diversity”


2001, Yannick Meyer creates MPM and invents the Global Offering concept for reconstruction.
2001, ADIAPRESS® is created on the initiative of Ludovic Lazzarotto, to develop innovative presses known as adiabatic presses.
2007, the merger of MPM with ADIAPRESS brings people, technologies, and values together under one roof, where the Mechanical, Automation, and Electrical design offices were all located at that time, as well as the Saint-Etienne assembly workshops.
2009, MPM integrates CROZET FOURNEYRON® machining and globoid gears to increase its added value, responsiveness, and capabilities,
2013, the product range grows, with the inclusion of TNB® and the redevelopment of these multi-axis machining centres for soft materials,
2019, The Emalec group, a specialist in multi-technical multi-site maintenance, invests in MPM to develop the SERVICES activity for the industry on the basis of MPM’s business skills and its EMALEC organization process.

“We look into the future and write the next page with you every day”

Facts & figures:

5000: The company’s covered floor area in m2, including 1000 m2 of offices,
500: Services provided per year
15: Machines built or rebuilt per year
1: Number 1! Our ambition