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Hard materials

Metal cutting in Saint-Etienne

The machining of hard materials such as Inconel and titanium requires difficult cutting conditions that generate high stresses on the components and the machine tools.

These expensive materials, widely used in a variety of industries, often require long machining operations associated with demanding finish qualities. With more than 20 years’ experience in the construction and renovation of machines, MPM is capable of satisfying the performance expectations of the major players in the sectors concerned.

The latest-generation technologies integrated in our rigid, high-torque spindle, high-pressure 400 bar spraying, cryogenic machining assistance machines are all innovative solutions that improve the performance of the cutting conditions, the working life of your cutting tools, the guaranteed stability of tolerances, and the quality of surface finishes.

The MPM machine ranges and our dedicated machine solutions are adapted to your needs and contribute to increasing your productivity and reducing your machining costs overall.

Discover the machines and services we can offer you. Our technical and process teams are at your service to personalise these products according to your requirements.

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