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Manufacture of laser cutting machines

Our fibre laser cutting machines are perfectly suited to your cutting quality and productivity needs. The laser power and the management of the process gases are adapted according to the materials being cut: steel, aluminium, titanium, Inconel.

According to your production requirements, our machines can include automatic inspection systems (probing of pieces, mounts with reset functions), a laser power control module, tool measurement and read/write systems, etc. Likewise, various different lubrication systems can be offered for the trimming or machining of pieces (spraying at the edges or in the middle of the tool, medium or high pressure, micro-lubrication, etc.).

MPM offering various piece loading/unloading solutions: vacuum mat in the machine, multiple rotating or hanging stations, palettisation, robotic solution, etc. MPM also offers the associated IT management, from post-processing to supervision. The system can be controlled in independent machines mode or as a cell, incorporating the data from your ERP system.

MPM designs and develops standard five-axis cutting machines, and adapts perfectly to your specific needs thanks to the modular design of its machines or personalisation.